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when information of scriptures come, then total truth of the matter of Hinduism reveals by itself, but really have to question and digest

A single boy didn’t review any spiritual e-book and never taught by any person with regards to the religion. That boy would have the following inner thoughts in his soul for very first time within the side of God, Ishwar or Allah (what ever u connect with him by title) –

According to Vedas, there is no agent required concerning you and Ishwar. You've got a immediate relationship. All other people and means and mere instruments to achieve Him and a single need not recall them through worship. For more information, check out

there are several web sites that educate us about vedas…go there to find out vedas…….oh sorry i forgot u dont know any..and arrived in this article …….baap ko sikhane aaya hai……..

4. He may not be certain in regards to the existence of God, Soul, rebirth, outcome for work offered by God and so forth. These subject areas are extremely deep and want A lot effort to understand the god and his Homes.

Q. – ‘If God awards us in this existence of fruits of our superior and bad steps, which we did in our previous lifestyle, in the form of pleasures and pains, God gets to be unjust since we know them not and in addition because we are not reformed thereby.’

And I need to respect your zeal and enthusiasm although You aren't ample matured and proficient to debate on Islam or Hinduism. Nevertheless keep training and acquire sharpened your analytical and reasonable expertise that happen to be quite helpful for your a person attempting to find truth of the matter.

He states that he needs to slain(killed) in the best way of Allah and after that brought to existence nevertheless slain in how of Allah and afterwards introduced to lifestyle on the click here other hand slain in how of Allah.

maire sawal ko kiyun nazarandaz kar rahe ho four rishiyon wale? aur raj.hyd aur tum dcide karlo ki aryasamajiyon ka kiya notion hai ishwar k bareinmein????

In The sunshine of your respective earlier mentioned assertion, we would like to know very well what is your take on moon breaking, traveling donkey, stones speaking with Moses, Jesus without the need of father and many others.

Regardless of getting learnt a great deal, nevertheless why it appears to generally be so obscure that a single differs from your body? It is actually by no means tough. You are able to encounter it. It's only on account of foolishness that individuals Feel in a different way; but Absolutely everyone truly is aware, “I'm not this body.” This can be very easy to encounter. I am current. I understand that I have existed within a newborn’s overall body; I have existed in a child’s human body, and also inside a boy’s human body.

Iam not a moulana or also not a scholar of Islam uncomplicated Indian perception in Islam I myself fill an awesome opportunity that I am a Muslim its pleaser of Allah I born in Islam spouse and children I like to set some touch upon of agneever

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yeh shankar kon hai jiski tu jaijaikar kar raha hai? kiya tune dhekha hai shankar ko? agar han to kahan dekha hai? moorti mein?

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